The Wrong Goodbye

DR MARTIN ELLINGHAM and PAULINE are surprised by the number of patients coming to see him on the last day before his Surgery closes and he moves to London.

EDITH comes to see Martin to discuss the previous night’s events in the hotel. Edith says she will see Martin again when he is settled in London.

Taxi driver TOMMY delivers a patient to the Surgery, but complains of migraine headaches himself. Martin checks him for any serious brain conditions, and tells him to make an appointment with the new doctor if the headaches continue.

Martin visits LOUISA at the school to finalise financial arrangements for after the birth. Louisa’s teaching assistant TASHA is rehearsing a musical number that the schoolchildren will be performing at tomorrow’s Harbour Day celebrations.

BERT has cooked up a new scheme to recycle the used vegetable oil from the restaurant. AL has his doubts, but Bert is adamant he is helping save the planet.

AUNT JOAN visits Martin in the evening to help him finish packing.

Martin is surprised when Pauline arrives the next day, but she is getting the Surgery ready for the new doctor, who is keeping her on.

Martin helps one of his removal men, WILL, with a minor medical condition, and pays a final visit to MRS TISHELL, raising her hopes of a romantic parting. She has made a unique leaving gift for Martin.

Tasha leads the schoolchildren down for their Harbour Day performance, but Louisa will not be able to attend because she has a routine hospital appointment. Tasha appears a little dizzy, and Martin is concerned. He tells her to make an appointment with the new doctor.

Martin is driving out of Portwenn with the removal men when he sees Tasha fall from the Harbour Day stage. With a little bit of help from a guilty Bert and Al, he is able to diagnose Tasha’s medical condition, and is shocked to learn that she is married to taxi driver Tommy, who is driving Louisa to her hospital appointment. Louisa’s life is in danger.

Martin rushes after Louisa, finding her safe at the scene of a road accident caused by Tommy. Martin and Louisa help Tommy to a nearby inn where his medical condition can be treated.

Martin stabilises Tommy successfully, but due to her exertions, Louisa goes into premature labour...

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