Driving Mr McLynn

DR MARTIN ELLINGHAM is called to LOUISA’s new home after she has a dizzy spell while shifting furniture. Martin urges her to slow down, but is shocked to learn that Louisa has applied to be her school’s headteacher again.

As a school governor, Martin is asked to join the interview panel for the headteacher position, but when he makes it clear that he thinks Louisa is now unsuited for the role, his invitation is withdrawn.

Martin’s first patients are an elegant elderly couple, MR & MRS McLYNN, who want a disabled person’s parking permit so they can park near the shops. But when Martin attempts to assess Mr McLynn’s paralysed legs, he inadvertently stabs a needle into Mr McLynn’s hand and draws blood. The McLynns vow never to return.

AL needs some money fast for a mysterious reason, and offers to sort out all Louisa’s household and plumbing problems if she can pay him before the weekend.

SALLY, the School Secretary, comes to Martin complaining of hayfever, but when Martin wants to examine her, she makes an excuse and leaves.

AUNT JOAN is driving in the village when she is involved in a car crash with Mr & Mrs McLynn. When PC PENHALE rushes to the scene and tries to impose his authority, he is ignored by both drivers.

EDITH visits Martin for some advice on her medical research, and Martin reveals he has applied for the prestigious surgeon’s job in London. He has been invited up to London to discuss it. Their growing intimacy is interrupted by Louisa, who wants to confront Martin about his attitude towards her and the headteacher position. Louisa is taken aback to find Edith already there.

Martin visits Aunt Joan and discovers that she is in severe financial difficulties with her farm.

PAULINE becomes suspicious of Al’s secretive behaviour, and when she hears that he has been spotted semi-naked in Louisa’s house, she fears the worst.

Louisa gets good news about the headteacher job, but Sally is looking increasingly unwell. When Sally returns to Martin’s Surgery, she has a surprising confession to make about her recent holiday in Ibiza.

Martin sees Mr & Mrs McLynn behaving oddly in the village, and makes an astonishing diagnosis. PC Penhale is nearly injured in the process.

Al finally reveals to Pauline why he has been so secretive, and Edith brings Martin an ingenious gift to help him get the surgeon’s job in London, but it has unexpected consequences.

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