Midwife Crisis

DR MARTIN ELLINGHAM meets Portwenn’s new midwife, MOLLY, who will be looking after LOUISA. Martin is dismissive of her profession, and the two of them do not hit it off.

BERT and AL have a new cook at their restaurant, MARIGOLD, and she surprises them both one morning by bringing in some dead pheasants she claims to have caught in a snare. Although married, Marigold is very flirty towards Bert, and Bert is smitten.

Marigold cuts her finger, and Bert protectively rushes her to Martin’s Surgery. When Marigold tells Martin her sister has glandular fever, Martin orders her to take extra hygiene precautions around the food she cooks.

Martin visits Louisa’s school to perform hearing assessments on the children, and Louisa reveals that she is having a few ‘toilet troubles’. Martin is quick to diagnose an urinary tract infection, and writes her a prescription to collect from MRS TISHELL.

Louisa encounters Molly at Mrs Tishell’s chemist shop. Molly is disapproving of Martin’s prescription for antibiotics, advocating a more natural, holistic approach to health, and she urges Louisa to reject the medicinal route. Louisa follows her advice.

Martin finds that Dr Milligan’s cognitive behavioural exercises are a great help with his blood phobia. Martin is able to take blood from PC PENHALE without reacting. But this makes PAULINE highly suspicious – what is Martin up to?

Martin visits AUNT JOAN at her farm, and breaks the news that he is intending to become a surgeon in London again. She is supportive, but urges him to tell Louisa.

Bert buys Marigold a special gift for her birthday, and is devastated when she does not turn up for work. He drives to her home, and discovers that her husband, MICHAEL, is very ill.

Louisa develops a temperature, which Molly tries to sooth with herbal remedies. Martin is furious when he discovers this – Molly’s homespun ideas are seriously endangering Louisa’s health. Martin and Molly have their final stand-off.

Before Martin can tell Louisa about returning to London, Bert calls Martin to Marigold and Michael’s house on the moor. Martin treats Michael, and makes a surprising discovery that explains Michael’s illness and why Marigold thought she had glandular fever.

Martin’s unexpected detour to Marigold and Michael’s place means that he cannot attend a planned meal with EDITH and ROBERT DASHWOOD, but when Edith returns later that night, she has big news for Martin: Robert is going to offer him the prestigious surgeon’s job in London.

Louisa overhears Edith telling Martin this.

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